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Farm products from the Mandlerhof

Farm products

You are welcome to try the products that are grown or produced on our farm:

our hens work hard and lay an egg a day and sometimes two on Sunday!

Our guests are welcome to the fresh herbs from the garden, all you need to do is pick them. We use the dried herbs gathered in the summer months to make our herb-enriched salt in the winter. You can order freshly gathered veggies from the farmer or his wife!


Our marmalades and juices are a labour of love. You are welcome to order our home-made delicacies for your farmhouse breakfast.

Since spring 2023 we have bees on our farm - soon there will be pur first honey.


Local bacon for your snack, and our home-canned mushrooms taste wonderful with it.

Our farm specializes in raising animals. You are welcome to try our meat. Pre-order at Gasthof Waldbichl.


All our products are, accordino to the season, for sale in our little farm shop.